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  • FOLLOW: Learning To Live The Jesus Way

    Sunday at 10:30am

    February/March 2018

    Jesus implores each of us to "follow Him", but what does that mean? Does following Jesus mean that we should simply ask ourselves "What would Jesus do?" at every juncture in life or is there more to it than that?

    We believe the invitation to follow Jesus is much more than simply trying to act like Jesus. When Jesus invites us to follow Him, what He is really saying is "Come with me!"  

    Jesus invites us into a new life; His life! 

    It is a life that brings the Kingdom of God into the kingdom of this world.  

    In this series, we will look at some of the places where Jesus has gone in order to get a sense of the kind of life that He has invited us to live. You will find that it is not necessarily an easy life. Nor is it necessarily a popular way of life and it may require some radical changes to the way we are currently living. 

    But Jesus has walked this path ahead of us and He promises that if we follow His way, we will find that the life He has for us is an abundant and eternal life that begins right here, right now! 

    Join us in person every Sunday in February/March at 10:30am or follow along by listening to our Podcast.  

Upcoming Events

Here's what's happening at Parkway!

  • Parkway Family Night

    GEMS Girls: Grades 1-8

    Boys CLub: Grades 1-6

    Fridays at 6:30pm

    Parkway Family Night is a fun place to LEARN about GOD, GROW in LOVE, and BELONG in RELATIONSHIP. 

    Parkway Family Night is made up of three different streams:


    For Girls in Grades 1-8

    In addition to our regular club meetings on Friday nights, we enjoy a whole range of special events like swimming, fun days with area GEMS clubs, GEMS camp, special mother/daughter events, theme and talent nights, service projects including an annual food drive and more.


    For Boys in Grades 1-6 (and their Dads!)

    Each night will feature sports, games and team building activities. Fathers and "Father Figures" are invited to attend and participate alongside their boys. Boys Club will also feature regular trips to the Greely Elementary School Gym, bonfires, service projects and special events. 


    After dropping their kids off at GEMS and BOYS CLUB parent's are free to leave until returning to pick their kids up at the end of the night.  However, this year we are offering the Church Lobby space as a place where parents can spend some time hanging out and enjoying fresh coffee, tea and snacks. At several points throughout the year, we will offer organized discussion groups for parents to participate in as well.  Instead of dropping and running, why not stick around and build some relationships. 

    Registration Info:

    Cost for registration in GEMS CLUB and BOYS CLUB is $40 per child and children can be registered for the program any time throughout the year! 


  • [Re]union

    Grades 6-8

    Wednesdays at 7pm

    Strobe Lights, Socks, Forts, Nerf and Jesus.

    the [re]UNION is the spot where Grades 6-8 find their place in Christ, and connect with peers of the same faith. We introduce the next generation to worship, preaching, small groups and surround them in love, support, games, events and CANDY!

    Led by Pastor Nate Venasse and his team of volunteers, the [re]UNION is always unforgettable fun. 

    Track along with everything that is happening at [RE]UNION HERE

  • Mosaic

    Grades 9-12

    Thursdays At 7:30pm

    Mosaic exists to challenge the norm and build a faith that grows beyond Sunday mornings and Thursday nights; We strongly believe that a youth group should not be the end goal for a students' walk with Christ, but the beginning. Students in Grades 9 - 12 can expect a safe place to explore and wrestle with their faith, while being surrounded by Pastor Nate Venasse and his team of leaders who have lived life and found a faith of their own.  

    Most weeks at Mosaic will feature live music, conversations about life and faith, games, candy and a chance to connect with friends.  Occasionally, we'll head offsite for a trip to Skyzone or to attend other student events across the city.

    Track along with everything that is happening at Mosaic HERE


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