Worship Gathering

Sundays At 10:30am

7275 Parkway Road

Our weekly Worship Gathering is the time we intentionally seek to connect with God as a church community!   If this is your first visit to Parkway, we want you to feel as comfortable in our church as those who have made Parkway their home for years. To help with this, here are a few things you can expect to experience :

Comfort -  Our goal is to create an environment of acceptance, openess and sensitivity that allows everyone to feel at home at Parkway. Free coffee and snacks are available at our Corner Cafe at any time before, during or after the service.

Music - We love music and we think God does too!  We spend a portion of our time singing songs that express truth about God and we believe that He enjoys the sound of our voices singing songs to and about Him, even if we're out of key!   

Teaching - We also think it's important to always be learning more about God. Each week one of our Teaching Pastors presents a 30-40 minute teaching about God, the Bible and what that means for our life today.  Think of it like a weekly Ted Talk.

Announcements - It's important to stay connected with what's happening in our church, so each week our Service Host will briefly share about upcoming events and programs that you may want to attend or even volunteer at.

Giving - Parkway Church is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the needs of our community.  As such, many people who attend our church have made a decision to support our church financially. We collect these offerings every week, but hold no expectation for visitors to give.

Monkey Barrel

Sundays at 10:30am

Kids Age 3 - Grade 5

We believe that it's important that kids connect with God too!  While kids can connect with God anytime, anyplace, we do offer a weekly space called Monkey Barrel, where kids can learn about God's love for them in a fun and active way! 

Each Sunday, kids age 3 to Grade 5 will start the morning with their parents in the Worship Gathering before being dismissed to Monkey Barrel after approximately 15 minutes.  At Monkey Barrel, kids will be supervised by Pastor Eric Versluis and a team of qualified volunteers who lead the kids in a mixture of songs, games, crafts and interactive learning experiences.  A small, nut free snack is also served each week. 


Kids Ages 3-SK meet in our Kids Center (Downstairs Area) and the kids Grades 1-5 meet in our Activity Center (Upstairs Area) and kids must be signed in and out of Monkey Barrel by their parents each week.  We also ask that first time guests fill out a brief registration form (provided at the Welcome Desk, Kids Center & Activity Center) so that we have all the information needed to properly care for your child.

  If you'd like to follow along with what the kids are learning at Monkey Barrel, see pictures of what we're doing and get the occasional piece of encouragement as a parent, make sure to join our Parkway Parents Facebook Page.


Sunday At 10:30am

Kids Age 0-2

Every Sunday morning at 10:30am, we offer a Nursery space filled with qualified volunteers to care for children ages 0-2 during the Worship Gathering. The Nursery is a Nut-Free space, stocked with toys and books and all the things that little ones need to keep them occupied and happy! Children can be dropped off in the nursery prior to the start of the Worship Gathering and parents will be provided with a pager that will allow them to be contacted should their little one need them for any reason. We also ask that first time guests fill out a brief registration form (provided at the Nursery Counter) so that we have all the information needed to properly care for your child.