We believe prayer is a powerful

conversation between God and his creation.

Sometimes we are at a loss for words

and need to ask others to step in.

The space on this webpage has been set aside

for any to use, whether you are a part of our

church community or not.

Prayers can either be a public post,  

meaning the church body is praying for you, 

or a private message the pastoral staff.

Either way... we want to partner with you. 

You are not alone.

You are not forgotten. 

You are loved.

After praying for a request

please click the praying hands.


Please pray for our friend & her sister. Their father, whom they have just reconnected with, is a terminal patient with alzeimers and is not expected to live through the day today. Please pray for healing (in whatever ways God wills) and peace and treasured moments.


My parents have had certain expectations for me from a very young age (marriage, family by a certain age, etc.) However, this past summer I learned I am unable to have children. They would be such wonderful grandparents and I just don't know how to tell them in a way that won't upset them. Keeping it from them was fine while I processed the news, but it is now causing me stress and straining our relationship. Please pray for us - that I would find my peace and strength to share, and for their grace and understanding.


My bestfriend told me that she’s bisexual. I’m fine with that and I just want her to be happy. She is really struggling how to tell her family as they are always busy and I don’t know how to help comfort her. Please pray for her that she will have strength to tell them and that they will accept her for who she is.


Please pray for my wife. She has cancer. She is suffering from depression and anxiety. Please pray for my marriage restoration. Please pray for our finances.


Please pray for me that I would find relief from respiratory distress, as the asthma, allergies and a condition causing inflammation in my throat have combined to reduce my capacity to breath. I have already been to the hospital early on Thursday morning. Thanks you and my the LORD richly bless you all Your brother in Christ Russell Carr

Please feel free to send in any request you have.

All requests are treated with respect and humility.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of you faith and life.

" At all times, pray by the power of the Spirit. 

  Pray all kinds of prayers. "

                                                          Ephesians 6:18