in the home.



We believe in the value of real relationships

and have found the best way to do that is through a small group.

As a church body we want to be available to care for one another in meaningful ways, to do life together, and begin to know one another on a deeper level beyond Sunday mornings. At Parkway, we call these LIFE GROUPS.


Our Life Groups are aimed to reflect YOU ! 

Some are kid friendly, gender specific, location based,

or stage of life relevant.

With Covid-19 limitations currently fluctuating within the city, you may not find a group that looks exactly like you, but you will find people who value connecting together and that's a great place to start!

LIFE GROUPS are easy to connect with through

our TWO Focus Points [ FALL & SPRING ]; however,

you can request to join a LIFE GROUP any time, 

and we encourage each group to continue meeting

throughout the year. 

Anyone can facilitate or host a LIFE GROUP with no training because it's not about teaching or curriculum, it's about connection.

If you are interested in joining a group or hosting one in your area, talk to Carole Blackburn on Sunday mornings or email:



[they like jesus but not the church]

Looking From

The Outside In

Many people today do not resonate

with the church or organized Christianity. 

While some are leaving the church, others were never a part of it in the first place, for some it is because of wounds and misconceptions. 

Yet people are still spiritually open and fascinated with Jesus.

Through conversation and biblical insight, our Fall series explores some of the most common objections and misunderstandings about the church and Christianity. 

We invite you to dive deeper with Pastor Nate's Sunday sermons

through a LIFE GROUP. 

You can find a list of groups

and register during the month of October.

Click the link below: