Parkway Church: All About Relationships

At Parkway Church, we believe that relationships matter! 

We believe that the need to be truly known and truly loved by another is the greatest longing of the human heart.   That's why Jesus said the greatest thing a person can do is to love God and love others.  There is nothing more important than relationships.     

In fact, we believe this so strongly that we've made it the primary mission of Parkway Church to help people connect to God, each other and our world through real relationships.   We do this by inviting everyone to experience one weekly worship service (where we connect to God), one group connection (where we build friendships with each other) and one service opportunity (where we give back to our local & global community).     

We don't claim to have all the answers or believe that we are better than anyone else.  We are simply ordinary people who have had our longing for acceptance met by the extraordinary love of God and that experience compels us to share that love with everyone around us. 

We invite you to journey with us as we connect to God, each other and our world through real relationships.                

Connecting To God

Sundays at 10:30am

7275 Parkway Road, Greely, ON

While we believe that you can connect with God anytime and anywhere, we do think that something special happens when the whole church community gets together!  That's why we encourage everyone to experience our weekly worship service, held every Sunday at 10:30am at our location at 7275 Parkway Road in Greely.  Our gatherings are approximately 90 minutes long and we invite you to come early to enjoy a complimentary hot beverage and snack at our Cafe!  There is plenty of parking on site and child care is provided for kids age 0 to Grade 5.  As for what to wear, we believe God cares more about what's going on inside a person than with what they look like on the outside, so come dressed however you feel most comfortable.  

Get all the details about our Sunday Gatherings HERE.  

Connecting To Each Other

At Parkway Church we want people of all ages to have a weekly place where they can get together with others, to not only make new friendships but deepen existing ones as well.


For adults, the primary way to connect with each other is through our REAL LIFE CONNECTION groups. Connection groups are easy to join and only require a short-term commitment as they run in three semesters each year - fall, winter, spring.  Each group is made up of between 8-14 people and is usually hosted in a local home. At the beginning of each semester, we provide a catalog featuring all the available groups and allow you to sign up for the one that best suits your interests and schedule!

Parkway Church also offers numerous spaces where the rest of the family can make connections too!  There is PARKWAY YOUNG ADULTS for 20-somethings, MOSAIC for students Grades 9-12, REVOLVE for students Grades 6-8,  and THE CLUBHOUSE for SK-Grade 5.

Learn about all the places you can connect with other people at Parkway Church by clicking HERE.

Connecting To Our World

Following the heart of Jesus, Parkway Church is active in connecting to 'our world'. We encourage everyone to give of their time and take part in the redeeming movement of God, bringing life & love to those experiencing oppression, poverty, injustice, brokenness, addiction, and anything else that is so far from what God intended for their life. 

Connecting with our world takes on different forms for everyone.  For some, it's volunteering in their own community as a coach or a Big Brother or giving their time to local organizations such as Jericho Road or Ottawa Inner-City Ministries.  

For others this means connecting with the world outside of our city.  Parkway Church was one of the first churches in Ottawa to sponsor a Syrian refugee family and have them arrive in Canada.  Over the past 5 years, we have also sent teams of volunteers to serve the needs of people in India, Haiti, Costa Rica and Los Angeles. 

If you are not already volunteering, click HERE to learn about more ways that you can get involved at Parkway, in our community and around the world.  


Our Facebook page is a great place to connect with other people from Parkway Church. It's also a helpful source of updates about upcoming events and ways that you can get involved in serving our world, both locally and globally!