Every year Parkway Church partners with other churches all over Canada in the BIG GIVE. 

A day where we give back and celebrate the communities we live in, a day where barriers are dropped

and invitations are accepted; people step onto church grounds and into church buildings.


Unfortunately this year is different… or is it fortunately? 

This time of crisis in our country causes us to reflect on our limitations

and move into our limitless potential. 

The staff at Parkway Church have prayerfully considered WHY we do the BIG GIVE

and evaluated WHAT it means to us as a Church in Greely. 

This event each year draws hundreds of people to us (that’s a good thing), 

but it keeps us on the property (that’s a bad thing). 

We the CHURCH need to be in our community so that we can reach it, speak to it, and share the love of Christ that we know.

Our Idea is this...

“We need to Honour & Recognize

the community around us.”


To do this we have come up with 3 ways for us (that reads “you”) to connect in. 

Greely Foodland - 

Financial Donation

Greely Foodland
128 people are employed by this grocery store.

Some of them belong to our church family

They have spent the last 3 months serving in one of the harshest environments.

They have endured the same fears, tensions, and anxieties as everyone else, yet they have continued to provide essentials to the community.

Pastor Nate connected with Scott McKinnon (Owner) to find out the best way to honour the staff, his suggestion… Coffee and Donuts.That’s pretty easy, we can do that.

On June 6 with your monetary donations we will make Coffee and Donuts flow all day allowing as many staff as possible to benefit from this. We will also send a card… because it’s a nice thing to do, and you shouldn’t frame a donut on your wall.

How it works

You can donate to this project during the month of May and until Thursday Jun 4 by using any of our methods to donate:

E-Transfer/Credit Card/Mail In Chq/Paypal

Contact the office at

or 613-821-1056 ext 202 if you have any questions!

Ottawa Food Bank - 

Contactless Food Drive

The Ottawa food bank allocates and delivers food to all of the surrounding food banks making sure that they are stocked and all needs are met.

In Ottawa alone, more than 39,000 people visit an emergency food bank program every month.  37% of these visits are serving children.

There are 112 agencies working in Ottawa and many of them provide more than food, they provide a community kitchen, or a community garden, or offer financial & budgeting literacy assistance, and some provide cooking classes for kids.

Liz has been in touch with 3 local food banks (Osgoode Food Cupboard – Greely,  Good Neighbours Food Bank - Embrun, & Greenboro Pavillion -South Keys) and is organizing a Contactless Food Drive. Any excess food collected will go to Ottawa Food Bank’s main warehouse and be distributed to the most needed areas

How it works

-  you are invited to pick up a bag or 5 from the church in a drive through manner under the carport on Friday May 29 | 9-12pm or 6-8pm

- then fill it with non-perishable items yourself AND/OR take a walk around your neighbourhood and leave a bag with a letter from you (designed by the church) asking your neighbours to also fill a bag and leave it on their porch

- 5 days later you will go back to your neighbours house and pick up any full bags they leave you.

- On Sat Jun 6 you can return all your full bags to the church between 2-4pm so that we can deliver them to our various local food banks as needed. This will be a drive through drop off under the carport while Parkway staff and voluneers adhere to social distancing regulations.

Contact the office or 613-821-1056 ext 202 if you have any questions

Osgoode Care Center - 

Write/Draw a Card

92 residents live here, PLUS staff.

This one might hit a little closer to home for some of us… our parents or grandparents may be in long-term care facilities.

The lockdowns have been hard on the older generations, and their health concerns amplify the situation.

Pastor Mike contacted Wendy (Manager) and we have organized a pizza party to honour and recognize the staff post physical distancing restrictions.

We will also be sending a card to the staff.

For 92 residents we believe there needs to be some action now.

How it works

We are asking that you  and your family write a letter and/or draw a picture for the residents and drop it off at the church entrance mailbox anytime between now and Thursday Jun 4

On June 6 Pastor Mike will be delivering these cards and drawings to the Care Facility so that they can passed out in what we believe will be moments of hope and joy
in such a dark isolating time.

Contact the office at or 613-821-1056 ext 202 if you have any questions

With these three (3) options we have an incredible opportunity to continue the mission of the BIG GIVE! We can give back to the community, let them know that they are loved, seen, and remembered. Parkway church doesn’t exist to see people on the church grounds, we exist to see the lives of people
changed by the LOVE of Christ.
Please partner with us in
Honoring & Recognizing the Community Around us.”