Annual General Meeting


We are having our annual general meeting

to reflect and report on Parkway's ministry

&  financial position.

We encourage everyone who calls

Parkway home to check this out! 


Sunday May 15, 2022

TIME | 1pm (after Sunday's Service)

If you are a member...

Your attendance is needed to meet quorum as outlined in our by-laws.

You will receive a membership card at the meeting unique to you.

You have the privilege of prayerfully electing board members, 

approving financial decisions, and giving overall input

to the future of Parkway Church.

If you are not a member...

While not eligible to vote, your attendance is encouraged.
You will have the opportunity to participate in the discussion

of Parkway's Future.


Available to all, please contact church office.

This packet includes:
- Lead Pastor's Report
- Letter from the Board
- Ministry Reports from our staff & volunteer leads
- 2021 Financials
- 2022 Budget